Dark Impressive Respected Sweetiecookiemuffin (lycoris) wrote in slash_challenge,
Dark Impressive Respected Sweetiecookiemuffin

Challenge the Second.

Pairing: Lucius/Harry
Author: lycoris
Word Count: 168
Rating: G
Scenario: Both characters share dinner alone, and share soft murmurs and thoughts on the end of the war (which had just ended two/three weeks earlier). This is the first time both characters have really talked since the end of the war.
This one hasn't quite come out how I really intended it to. I hope it works.

"I almost thought you’d forgotten me," Lucius says reprovingly, pouring Harry some more wine.

Harry winces guiltily. Lucius is right. They haven’t spoken for nearly three weeks now.

"I understand," Lucius says gently before Harry can get too deep into thoughts that will only bring him pain. "You’ve been busy. How are all your friends?"

"They think Ron will pull through," Harry says, swallowing painfully. "He’s improved. Hermione’s wounds have almost healed."

Lucius nods distractedly, as though listening to something else. He looks sad suddenly.

"I have to go now."

"But you’ve only just arrived!" Harry says desperately. "Don’t go!"

But Lucius has already vanished and the dining room swirls in a whirl of colour, fading to black before Harry’s eyes. Then he’s awake and Hermione is
holding his hand.

"You were talking in your sleep," she says sadly, eyes brimming with sympathy.

Harry says nothing. He just lies back and thinks about all the people he loved that he can now only speak to in his dreams.

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