Sabethea (sabethea) wrote in slash_challenge,

Pairing: Remus/Severus - when they're in Year 5.
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 119, for either scenario
Author:: sabethea
Pick either one of the scenarios; extra point if you do both.

Scenario 1:
Remus finds out in the boys bathroom that Severus cuts (as in his wrists) and Remus makes him stop.

Scenario 2: Remus can't go to Hogsmeade this time because he is still weak from his transformation -- Sirius doesn't stay, nor does James or Peter - Severus does.

Author's note: okay, clearly I cheated. I did both scenarios together in the one piece, and doubled the word count for fitting them both in. so it's 238 words. and it's still rubbish, annoyingly.

The blood was burgundy, not crimson as Severus seemed to remember from last time. It hurt the same, though: painful, but not painful enough to wipe away remembrance, so he cut deeper. Firmer. Until he could hardly see to cut, hardly hold the knife for the pain.

“Prongs, are you in here, or did you go to Hogsmeade after all?”

The newly-broken voice entered his awareness – barely – and instinctively he stepped back into the darkest corner of the bathroom.

“Oh, there you are!” continued the speaker, footsteps echoing. “But why are you hiding in… Severus!”

Severus heard the sharp intake of breath as the newcomer saw dark blood splashes on the floor. Severus dropped the knife, fingers stiff. Lupin. Remus Lupin, walking towards him.

“Leave me alone.” Black eyes glared at Remus, who looked pale and exhausted.

“Severus…” Remus reached out towards him.

“Don’t touch me!” Severus’s voice was sharp, angry - desperate, and Remus faltered. “And your friends aren’t here,” he added, willing the other boy to go away.

“No,” said Remus quietly. “No, I think they went without me.”

He reached out again and took Severus’s hand, exposing the mutilated wrist. His hands were warm, gentle against his skin.

“How did it come to this?” he whispered, and as if in a dream he reached further and pulled an unresisting Severus into his arms. “How did it come to this?” he whispered again, and kissed him.
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