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Week Three Challenge
Author: zealchan
Pairing: Remus/Severus
Title(s): Stay Warm & Let Go
Word Count: 119 apiece
Rating: PG-13
Scenario 1: Remus finds out in the boys bathroom that Severus cuts (as in his wrists) and Remus makes him stop.
Scenario 2: Remus can't go to Hogsmeade this time because he is still weak from his transformation -- Sirius doesn't stay, nor does James or Peter - Severus does.
A/N: All I want for Christmas is a longer word limit. (:

“What are you doing?” Remus asked.

Severus didn’t look up, but kept his face to the opposite edge of the stall. “Nothing,” he said.

It didn’t look like nothing. What it looked like, more or less, was a small, bloody massacre. Severus was on the floor of the bathroom, back against the wall of the stall.

“Does it hurt?”

“A little. Yeah. It does.”

Remus sat down beside him. Severus recoiled slightly. His arm was swallowed by lacerations. Remus ran his hand down Severus’ arm, gently, but the Slytherin shook from the sting. He held his hand. It was cold.

“Why are you…” Severus started, closing his eyes. He dropped the knife.

“Please,” said Remus, “Stay warm.”

There was a shudder, a kiss, unspoken compliance.


You lingered there, opposite to the beech tree’s shade. You were fidgeting, scraping your hands through greasy hair, trying to look buried in your book. But I saw. You’d been on that page for hours. Because the others were absent, I guess I was emboldened.

“Why didn’t you go to Hogsmeade?” I asked. It’s obvious why I didn’t go. I was paler; as scruffy as you.

“I don’t care about those things,” you said, and the usual insolence wasn’t present.

You looked timid for a moment. You could see that I knew, might tell Padfoot and Prongs, closed the distance between us a little and let go.

You stayed behind for me. You aren’t sure why, but you didn’t have to be.

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