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Week Two Challenge
Author: zealchan
Pairing: Lucius/Harry-ish
Title: Unexpected Loyalties
Word Count: 168
Rating: PG
Scenario: Lucius and Harry having a dinner discussion about the war, blah blah blah.
A/N: It's kind of...well...what? You decide. This prompt stumped me a bit.

"I guess you got what you wanted," Harry mumbled, bitterly. He dropped his fork onto his plate. The sharp clang resounded through the mostly marble parlor. He thought he could make it through their meal, at least, without puncturing old wounds. He couldn't, and he wouldn't.

Lucius allowed a small grin to play at the corners of his lips. Or really, his lips sort of crawled off of his teeth. Slow, smooth. Infuriating. "What would that be, Potter?" he asked, evenly, "If anything, I think you got what you wanted."

Harry gazed at his lap, silently screaming. "I wouldn't have chosen that path...you know damn well I had no choice."

"Don't discredit yourself. It was the first smart choice you really made, I believe. It was only a matter of time before you backed down." He pressed his napkin to his lips, dabbing softly. "And quite amazing. Loyalty to the Dark Lord is born in such unexpected circumstances."

"Death," Harry said, soullessly.

Lucius downed his wine. "Shocking, isn't it?" He laughed.
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